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September Update

So the return of mass start racing has seen me partake in a few events but with no great success. Still getting over hamstring & related injuries and with limited training going on due to heavy workload has resulted in a big drop in performance.

With almost no long training runs this year, I have been concerned that I wouldn’t be able to run a Marathon but at the time of writing this post, I am hoping to give it a go ! The target is to get a good enough time to get a Goof=d for Age place in next year’s race.

As usual I hope to raise some mich needed ££s for the MS Trust.

Regents Park 10k

First ‘actual’ race since Florence Marathon back in November 2019 and it was good to race again.

No mass start with runners queuing up – socially distanced of course – to be sent off at ~ 5 second intervals. So adrenalin levels were lower than with the mass start racing. Pre-pandemic there would have been ~ 700 runners but today just 200 and there was plenty of space for runners, dogs & walkers. The course had also been changed with the down/up hill section in the North West corner being cut out to be replaced by an extra (flat) loop to the west : So it was a bit easier.

Given that I had to stop running only a few weeks ago for yet another hamstring problem I was relieved to be able to get round without problem although the time of just inside 50 minutes was not what I would have considered acceptable a year or two ago but at least I was #1 in my category. Pace was even throughout too with the slowest lap being the first as it should be.

London Marathon 2021

Lets see if it happens …..

Almost ready for the Virtual London Marathon

and now the Virtual London Marathon

So at last a Marathon but nothing like normal as is the way in these times. Next weekend …. I still have to work out when and where to inflict the pain of 26.2 miles. Somewhere flat for sure but I have been so short of training due to the ongoing hamstring problems that have beset me for most of the year.

and now the Sourvenir T Shirt

But currently out of running action due to a recurring hamstring problem.

This Time Last Year ….



So the usual April Marathon season has suddenly moved to the Autumn.

First Paris postponed and as Brighton offered places to those with places in Paris, I took that up. Then yesterday both Brighton & London postponed until September & October.

Back in Feb., I booked a Good-for-Age place on Edinburgh Marathon originally due to take place in May : That too is also now postponed but with no date set.

So September/October looks now set to be Marathon time ! Meanwhile I have decided not to run the Milton Keynes 20 mile tomorrow in part due to Covid-19 but also to avoid aggravating my thigh injury which is still in recovery.

March ….

I have been suffering with some sort of a hamstring & glute injury since Christmas : Hence the limited running as would have been obvious from my Strava feed. Runs have been few and no more than 5 miles : Not what is wanted with April/May Marathons in prospect.

But today it was a relief to be able to tun a longish run out down to the canal, around Victoria Park & on to Stratford. Not pain free but also I could run, unlike the earlier part of the year.

I hope that Marathons go ahead but fear that they will be curtailed & limited to elite runners only as happened in Tokyo.

Florence Marathon Update

Firenze Marathon would like to communicate that due to a gas leak at km 40 along the race route of today’s marathon, in order participants’ safety, in agreement with local police and firefighters it was necessary to make a slight change to the route. Exactly 600 meters were ‘cut’ near Via Lungarno Vespucci and was blocked after the first 60 runners therefore all qualifications at the national and international level will need to be approved by the Italian Athletics Federation.