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My Running Blog

This started in 2013 as my attempt to record my preparation for the 2013 London & Edinburgh Marathons and apart from a brief & spurious entry about the Hyde Park Rolling Stones Concert in Summer 2013, I’ve been adding various occasional updates about my running activities.

I have been running the London Marathon every year since 2009, (the last ‘Flora’ London Marathon) to raise funds for the MS Trust. I have also run a number of other Marathons, Half Marathons and shorter road races and am a member of the Serpentine Running Club.

The story behind this is long but in brief I had been going very regularly to the gym following the realisation that I needed to be more physically active. In 2008 I decided in a moment of apparent madness to enter the ballot for a place in the 2009 London Marathon : While waiting the 6 months or so for the ballot results I had convinced myself that my hope was that I would not get a place. When the result of the ballot came through with the not unexpected failure, I realised that I was actually disappointed ! I then applied for and got a place by running for an MS Charity. The first marathon was pretty difficult due to a very painful ITB but despite this, I really enjoyed it and have continued running continuously since.

My efforts have raised >£10,000 for charity so far and my best times to dates are :-

Marathon 3h 35m

Half Marathon 1h 36m

10 km 43m 49s

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