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Oh Dear ….

March 23, 2014

Unfortunately last Sunday, partway through a planned one hour marathon pace ‘easy’ run, I felt a sharp & sudden calf muscle pain and couldn’t continue running. Indeed it wasn’t easy to walk back home : That evening I booked a physio session. The pain gradually eased in the following days and I was relieved when on Wednesday evening, the Physio advised that there didn’t appear to be any muscle tear.

A week later I am able to walk without any pain or discomfort but I am not yet running : I have a schedule of  sessions from the Physio Рnext one is 20 mins long Р4 mins walk, 4 mins jog, 4 mins walk, 4 mins jog, 4 mins walk. Thats not exactly back to running.

All this 2 weeks before the Brighton Marathon, itself a week before the London Marathon….. The jury is therefore out on my involvement in these 2 races.


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