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London Marathon

April 29, 2018


Thats the only word that begins to describe the effects of the heat : The route through the streets & buildings of London ensures that if it has been hot in the days before then this retained heat gets thrown back at you as you run. I reckon I used about 5 litres of water during the Marathon only a third of which I drank with the rest being poured over me – mostly on my head.

My time of 3h 58m was slow but OK under the circumstances : Others have reported that average times were 20-30 minutes slower than previous London Marathons, which is consistent with my time.

I came 30th in my category which was marginally better than 2017.

I like to think that I was sensible in my run and its very sad that Matt Campbell died doing what he enjoyed & in support of his charity. On Saturday along with a few others in the Serpentine RC, I ran the last part of the London Marathon from the point where Matt stopped to finish the Marathon in his memory. #finishformatt. By chance I realised that my run to Queens Park Farmers Market the netx day was also 3.7 miles so another #finishformatt.

Lastly a big thanks to Brinkworth Dairy for putting an MS Trust collecting box on their stall at the markets they attend. A big help in getting more than my target of £1000 for the MS Trust.


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