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Belated Update

September 17, 2023

Getting lazy with this blog ……

the lats update was just prior to the London Marathon which went OK in an almost identical time to the Manchester Marathon the weekend before. Its been relatively quiote since then : Just a few of the Summer League (5m/10k) races and some of the club championship races. None of which resulted in spectacular times.

I also ran the Hackney Half which was hot and not a race that went particularly well in the heat of the day. Then also the Asics 10k which went OK.

Most recently I ran the Big Half on what was a hot day but fortunately there is quite a lot of shade to be had on this run, either from the buildings or the trees lining the route. It hadn’t been particuarly sunny the week before so not much in the way of heat radiating off the roads & buildings. The time was not great but I did manage to be first in my category, and my 5k splits were all very close to each other within 15 seconds or so.

The last part of the year is going to be very busy with 3 Marathons (Chicago, Florence & Valencia), 2 10ks and a few others as well.

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