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Busy Weekend

May 30, 2018

Park Run on Saturday : Hampstead Heath B route and a PB for this I think.

Sunday was the British Masters 1 Mile as part of the Westminster Mile event : Here there was a question of my time. The text from the Race Organisers which also matched my Garmin said 6m 16s but the web site reported 6m 23s. I queried this with the organisers and it seems that the website time has now been amended to match actual time. I suspect that the original timings might have been Gun to Chip rather than Chip to Chip.

Monday was the Vitality London 10000 which went OK @ 45m 09s – would have been just inside 45m had I not had to stop to retie my laces. Negative splits keep coaches happy too …

6th place in age group in both races.

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  1. lloydsloops permalink

    good to say hi – those chips hey not enough salt & vinegar

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